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    Circle K Việt Nam Tuyển Dụng
    Tuyển dụng Head of Design
    Về Công Ty Chúng Tôi

    • Starting from 1951 in Texas, United States, Circle K is now one of the most widely recognized convenience store brands, known worldwide for quality products & great customer service with more than 11.000 associates worldwide including:
    • More than 9.500 Circle K company operated stores in the United States, Canada, Norway, Denmark & Eastern Europe; and
    • More than 1,600 Circle K licensed stores in 12 different countries including Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, UAE, Mexico, Honduras, Guam, Malaysia, The Philippines, Egypt & Costa Rica....

    Mô Tả Công Việc
    I. Job Purpose:
    Lead and manage the design team to provide great and creative designs which not only meet the marketing briefs’ requirements and follow the deadline but also make Company brand to the most preferred CVS brand in town in look & feel.

    II. Job accountabilities:

    1. Closely work with Brand/ Digital team to develop creative ideas for promotions, products/ services launches, brandings, events/campaigns together with the design and production of event/campaigns' related POSM… at the minimum level of cost but maximum level in effectiveness.
    2. Manage the job allocation among the design team to meet deadlines.
    3. Provide directions to designers and creative team for the best possible artworks.
    4. Lead the team to develop decoration for all store openings and remodels.
    5. Approve all color proofs before printing/ production.
    6. Work with suppliers to enhance production/ printing quality with better cost.
    7. Monitor the monthly update website base on campaigns/ promotions.
    8. Motivate and develop the design team with strong team spirit and dare to do things differently.
    9. Closely work with Director of Marketing & Business Development to make sure the designs/creatives follow Ccompany strategy/ directions and requirements.
    10. Proactively provide constructive feedbacks or innovative ideas to Director of Marketing and Business Development from time to time
    11. Study the market, competitors, trends for new ideas and improvements at all times.

    Yêu Cầu Công Việc
    III. Job Requirements:

    1. Degree in Graphic Design/ Fine Arts.
    2. At least 5 years of experience in Graphic design and Team Leader
      Experience in using graphic software as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Max, Corel Draw.
    3. Strong management skill.Attention to details.
    4. Creative and dare to do things differently/ think out of the box.
    5. Able to communicate in Vietnamese and English (spoken & written).
    6. Well-organized, multi- tasking and meet deadlines.
    7. Professional, positive, team spirit and pro-active at all times.
      Willing to work overtime and during weekend.
    8. Able to work independently and possess a high level of responsibility and commitment.
    9. Able to use MAC.

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